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Welcome to Let's Face It Together Foundation

  • LFIT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides medical care and surgical reconstruction for facial disfigurement and dysfunction for our neighbors in need.
  • Our mission is to provide renewed hope to those dealing with the physical and emotional challenges caused by facial alterations resulting from cancer, autoimmune disease, spousal abuse, accidents and other tragedies. LFIT fills the void between health insurance coverage and patient care.
  • Our physicians and surgeons donate their time and expertise and pair with other community partners to care for patients. All donations go directly to pay for medicines, medical supplies, surgical supplies and prosthetics.

A Life Touched:

“Vision, care: Nonprofit charity helps patients not be afraid to face the world” Stockton Record Article featured on the front page. Christine Herrera still can't believe her good fortune the day last summer when Dr. Kimberly Cockerham walked into her life. Since 2001, Herrera, 50, a Stockton grandmother who spends her days caring for many of her nine grandchildren, had watched in dismay, then horror, as a small ball of tissue formed over her left eye and started to get bigger and bigger. Click here to read the full article

We Want to Help You

Are you - or someone you know – suffering from a facial disfigurement or dysfunction and need help to rebuild yours or a loved one’s life – face first, but can’t afford it? We are here for you.

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We Need Your Help

  • As a non-profit organization, our work is supported by medical and surgical supply donations, grants and individual contributions at our annual fundraiser. If you have expertise, resources, links, ideas to contribute or can volunteer your time please contact us: LFITfoundation@gmail.com or call 209-333-8369
  • We are unique because we donate a portion of your cosmetic product purchase and/or services to the foundation. Visit the clinical websites for more information: (CockerhamMD.com)
  • Become a “Rebuild A Life – Face First” Sponsor by “adopting” a person in need and contributing the funds needed to change their life. Lives Touched

What's New

HerLife ArticleRebuilding Lives - Face First” In 2010, Dr. Kimberly Cockerham, MD, FACS, started Let's Face It Together Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to Rebuilding Lives – Face First. “Our face defines who we are both personally and professionally. Our face reveals our unique character as we express our emotions that define our identity,” reveals Dr. Cockerham. “But for those who suffer facial disfigurement and dysfunction, the experience results in loss of self-esteem and significant challenges.” Since its inception, LFIT has helped over 500 people regain their lives. Click here to read the full article




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